Allie's first few days

We came home from the hospital yesterday, and it sure has been nice to be home! Allie is loving it as well! She decided she'd cry for us a little last night, which was just fine, because we were starting to wonder if she was capable of crying at all! All in all, we had a good first night. I'm a little sore, but overall getting around pretty good!
All the waiting was definitely worth it! Allie is so precious and is such a joy to both of us. Eric is crazy about her! I had to fight him to even get to hold her in the hospital! We are enjoying every day and thanking God for a precious baby girl!


  1. Rachel she is beautful!!!! Just like her mommy. You all look so happy! We are happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS, keep as rested as you can. Livona

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your gift from God. Many Blessings and lost of rest(LOL)not until after the first year.
    Tammy - MCC