How Will It Feel...

To wake up and not feel like throwing up? I wouldn't know. I cannot remember far enough back where I did not feel this way.

To not feel humongous ALL the time?

To be able to sleep on my stomach again?

To not be completely exhausted all the time (even AFTER getting 12 + hours of sleep the night before)?

I really cannot quite imagine how it will feel - but I do look forward to it with great anticipation! I also firmly believe that compared to these things, having some sleepless nights after her arrival will seem like a piece of cake! I may be wrong - I'll let you know.


  1. The nausea part should go away once she is born! But if you have to have a C-section, you still might have a few more nights sleeping on your back and you might still find yourself tired! I don't really believe in the whole sleep when the baby sleeps... I don't really see how that is possible.. I never really napped during the day because there were things to get done while he was sleeping that I didn't wanna do when he was asleep! And don't get toooo upset if you still feel big after you have a baby.. it doesn't go down the second the baby comes out! It takes a few weeks! But you will eventually feel like yourself again and completely forget ever being pregnant and feeling terrible! You probably won't have sleepless nights... just less-sleeping nights... but it isn't bad.. Hopefully by week 9 Allie will be sleeping 12 hours straight like Ryder did! It is nice! Plenty of sleep now! Totally worth it! Love u! And can't wait for next Friday! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. Oh you should do a poll to see who can guess Allie's weight and the time she will be born correctly! or the most right! haha!

  3. oh, rachel, it gets so much better! although, after maggie i was still sick for a couple of days. but i wasnt with lily! as soon as she came out i felt like my old self again! and the sleeping gets so much better. although you will be waking up with allie you sleep so good in those in between times!