A Productive Day:

I've come to the realization that this is all relative. You, for instance, may complete a large project, make a gourmet meal, do spring cleaning, run loads of errands, etc. in order to consider it a productive day. What does a productive day look like for us in this stage of life?

Well, let me share. Today, I:

  • Cleaned the bathrooms for the first time in about a month. (can anyone say gross?)
  • Did laundry for the first time in over a week.
  • Took a shower for the first time in TWO days.
  • And, maybe, just maybe might be about to take a nap for the first time in what seems like a year!

Productive? I'd say so!

Disclaimer: I know that you are sitting there with all sorts of judgmental thoughts pouring through your head right now regarding my uncleanliness, but you are definitely not allowed to judge unless of course, you find yourself in this same stage of having young ones. And, if you are, and try to tell me that you've never experienced a day or two without bathing or clean clothing, well then I'd just say you are most likely one big fat liar! =)


  1. Shoot! I don't even have kids and that still sounds like a productive day!!

  2. i agree with rachel s... sounds productive to me with no kiddos!

  3. That IS a productive day...apparently you feel "good" about what you accomplished..and rightly so! I had 3 boys in 3 years..23 months between the first 2 and 13 months between #2 and #3. My 1st turned 3 in March and ONE WEEK later, baby boy 3 was born.They are now all 3 teenagers! And sometimes I went longer than 2 days between showers! Thats life of moms of babies and toddlers!

  4. I think stinkiness says something a/b a mommy~she's sweet and with her precious ones so much so showers just don't come = ). Hey, there will always be bathrooms to clean, showers to take, laundry to do,...but you can never go back to this exact stage and age and day in which you find yourselves in with your sweetie pies. Plus, in just a year or so, they'll be playing so well together that you'll even be standing in a hot shower taking an extra 5 minutes to soak it all up...with one ear perked towards the door making sure they're not destroying something...or one another. = )

  5. No judgment here! Makes me feel good that I'm not the only one. And I didn't get to shower yesterday. . .when I DO get a shower, sometimes it's not until my oldest goes down for a nap that day. (like noon or one o'clock). I do laundry everyday, but everyday there is a HUGE pile of it. I just told my husband this morning: every day is Groundhog day =) But life is beautiful and I wouldn't trade a thing!

  6. i wish i had such a productive day! my house is maybe the worst mess it has ever been. i just dont have the energy to clean it up! even picking up stuff of the floor requires a bit too much energy for me right now much less actually cleaning something!

  7. I'm with Rachel... no kids here, and I'm pretty sure this morning was the first time I got in the shower since Friday... sad i know. love your blog :)