Since angie hasn't...

I just figured I'd take this opportunity to introduce you to sweet baby Graham Luce! Now, I'm sure you've been cutting Ang some slack, thinking, well that's ok that you haven't updated your blog... you are probably overwhelmed with the newness of being a household of 5, and just trying to get sleep while you can, and blogging is the last thing on your mind... Well, don't be fooled my friends, yes, she has been busy since their homegoing, but not so much around the house. In typical Angie style, they've been out and about running errands, going to my family's and the inlaws' homes, etc. So, yes, she apparently has been too busy to introduce Graham to the blogging world, just probably not the busy you were imagining! So, I'd say it's safe to say that mom, baby, and family are adjusting quite well to being a family of 5!

Graham was born on December 10, weighing in at a respectable 6 lbs. 11 oz. While he was only a pound below his cousin at birth, I'm afraid that Pierce is at least DOUBLE his size now! YIKES! Hopefully that will not hold true throughout their lives!

Isn't he just adorable?

Sweet sisters anxiously waiting to be able to hold their precious little bro:

Well, Adrienne may not have been quite so anxious to do this as Marianna, but she definitely warmed up to the idea of it by the next day!
Aunt Rach holding this sweet bundle of joy! It's amazing, because I feel like we are really still in the newborn stage ourselves, but compared to Pierce, Graham felt like a little feather!

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