Confessions of a Worn out Momma

Yes, Christmas in the Valley is just 2 DAYS AWAY, but really, I think I've said just about all there is to say about that, so today, I decided to give you a little update on "a day in the life" of our crazy world!

I know many of you are probably thinking, wow, how do you do it? You've got two kids 15 months apart, and you're planning this craft fair, and you seem to have it all together (well... those of you who see me on a regular basis, already know that isn't true). But, for the rest of you, I decided to give you a peek into what life is really like.

Yes, with two precious kiddos comes great joys! There are the first smiles and coos from little bit, and the sweet and crazy new things precious allie is doing and saying each day....

But there are also days where:

You realize that you haven't done laundry in over a week and everyone in the house is about to run out of clean clothes... so when you complete a load and realize a diaper was indeed washed in the load with the clothes, you decide to wipe off the "diaper lint", hope it was an unused one, and move on rather than rewashing that load.

There are also days where you discover that the days of shopping at Hobby Lobby that were once joyous have turned into dread... afterall, you simply cannot fit both kids (one being in the carseat) in those teeny carts, so you must lug out the double stroller and load both kids up simply to run in to grab a few supplies for a craft project that you probably won't even have time to complete. The situation becomes more and more irritating when you leave the store to discover that it is indeed pouring down rain... so out you go, double stroller and all to load the kids back in the car. After you've successfully loaded all kids, stroller, and bags, you realize that due to the 1 yr old, you've accidentally become a shoplifter. It is at those times, where you say, "Who cares," because you are not about to load up the stroller and the kids in the rain to go back in the store to pay for stolen item. (Don't worry... I have the package in my wallet and will prompty pay for this $2 item on my next Hobby Lobby visit).

There are days when you really don't have a minute to sit down by yourself to just relax, so in an attempt to get a little rest, you just load your 1 yr old in the bath with you and let her play while you "relax".

There are days when you start to feel bad that in 7 weeks, you have YET to make a homecooked meal for your family... but then at 5 each day when both kids are crying, needing attention/bottles/sippy cups/diapers/etc.... you don't feel so bad about that fact, and you realize you just can't do it all.

There are days when you remember back to a time where you looked down on people who had kids toys strewn all over their house all the time. How hard is it to keep things picked up? Why would you want your living room turned into a playroom? Yes, you remember those days, as you look around your house that has toys and who knows what else strewn all over. Because, afterall, a toddler apparently needs lots of things to keep her entertained while you're feeding the baby.

There are also days when the greatest part of your day is discovering little things like DRY SHAMPOO, because, after all, taking a shower is just not something that is possible every day. (don't worry, though, it is possible MOST days!)

Some days things like these may tend to stress you out, but most days, you just accept that, for now, this is your life... it is full and it is blessed. There are definitely moments when I just tell God it's too much for me to handle, and He'll have to take over, and He does! And, of course, there are days when I joyfully accept the help of our wonderful mommas to help lighten the load, too.

Yes, things are crazy; yes, sometimes we just need a break from the madness! And, yes, sometimes I don't quite has the "roll with it" attitude that I'd like to. I'd love to pretend that I haven't lost it once or twice, but the fact is, I have. Yes, our life it a bit crazy. Yes, I knew it would be. But, all in all, we have a wonderful, full, fun kind of crazy that I just wouldn't trade for the world!

So, there you have it: A day in the life!


  1. Precious post! It had me laughing! Not at you (because I am in the same boat) but with you of course!

  2. sounds sooo familiar to my own life! jeff reminds me all the time that this is just a season. i know that i will miss the messes and the crying and the chaos that comes with having little kids! we do the best we can and we keep going!

  3. I can't count how many times I've walked out of stores to find "shoplifted" items in the back of my buggy. This past week it was some Target $ Spot Silly Bands that are still in my van waiting on their return to Target.

  4. I love your honesty. I know for a fact that your far from alone! I don't even have little ones and sometimes I still can't get it all done!I would say when you have an infant and a one your old as long as you keep the house from burning down and your babies fed your doing pretty good ;)