Bloggers can get 50 FREE Holiday Cards from Shutterfly!

Yes, you heard me right! 50 Christmas Cards - for FREE!! Well, I'm sure it's no big secret by now that I am a HUGE sucker for anything FREE, so I know you can imagine that seeing this promo peaked my interest, to say the least! But, I mean, doesn't it almost sound too good to be true? Well, I thought so, too, but then I went to the entry site to check it out and carefully read the fine print, and guess what?! It's for real!

All I've got to do is simply tell you about the awesome products that Shutterfly has to offer! And, since they actually do have awesome products, I feel like it's a pretty simple task! =)

Truthfully, I had already picked out my Christmas cards for the year, but then we had our family pictures taken, and there were SO many great ones to choose from, and I visited Shutterfly's site to peruse through their holiday card collection, and I simply fell in love with the folded Christmas cards. I've never been a huge fan of cards that have multiple pictures on the front, because they usually end up looking cluttered, if you don't have just the perfect pictures for the layout. The folded cards, however, give you the option of just putting one on the front, and more on the inside, AND even get to include a great, personalized note, instead of only having room to say, "Merry Christmas! Love, the Kendalls", like most "flatfolds" do. This one, for example, is adorable, and non-cluttered looking, and when you open it up you have room for 4 additional photos! Now, I don't know that I'll go with that many, but then again, I just might! Cute isn't it?

The thing about Shutterfly is that you could literally spend hours on their site looking at all of their great products! Whether you're looking for personalized Christmas gifts for your family or a way to preserve precious memories, they have just the thing for you!

I mean, what grandparent wouldn't love to open up one of these on Christmas morning? Notice how you can add pics and notes on different dates!

Or how about one of these for your husband's office at work!?

Ok, so I think I'm def gonna get to shopping now... I've really given myself some great ideas! (congrats, shutterfly, I think your marketing strategy with this promo was effective - for me at least!)

Oh, yeah, and all these great things come with FREE SHIPPING on orders of $30 or more (enter this code at checkout: SHIP30), which I'm sure only lasts for a limited time, so be sure to go check them out!

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