all i want for christmas is...

Apparently A LOT!

I never really have trouble with coming up with a nice, long Christmas wish list! No, my problem is always in honing it down! Maybe this is because I'm often quite cheap during the year and don't splurge a lot, so my list just adds up from January to November... or maybe I'm just extremely materialistic, so judge for yourself. At any rate, I do, in fact, also LOVE gift GIVING every bit as much as I love the receiving! There's nothing better than to carefully and thoughtfully handpick out gifts that you KNOW will both surprise and delight your gift recipient! So, for those of you who have asked for gift cards in the past, forgive me if I've bawked at the idea.... I'm trying to get better about that, but somehow it just takes a bit of the joy out of it for me...

I know that many of you are already nearing the end of your Christmas shopping, but I really enjoy dragging mine out throughout the entire holiday season! There's nothing more festive than fighting the crowds, getting the deals, and listening to Christmas music along the way! We'll see how festive all of that will seem this year... as I can imagine the festivity will someone be diminished when fighting the crowds with the double stroller, two kids in tow, and the potential of one or both throwing a tantrum at any given moment!

Perhaps this is why I've been doing some "online window shopping" during my moments of peace and quiet (which, have I mentioned are few and far between... haha).

Here are a few items on my list....


This item, I consider to be more a necessity than a pure need. Our everyday dishes are as cute as can be, but totally impractical. If they are heated in the microwave for so much as 1 minute, they will scald you, literally, if you touch them within 5 minutes. They've also chipped like crazy, and I'm just sad to say, it's time for the red dishes to go. I've been searching long and hard for new ones... and this is what I've found. The price is right, the look is beautiful, and last but certainly not least, the reviews give it great ratings on microwave functionality! Where could you purchase such a thing for me? Well, since you asked, right here! I'll need 3 sets in all, and it's just your lucky day, since Walmart (yes, I know, can't believe I found them there of all places...) has just marked them for FREE SHIPPING!

This one is really an anytime appreciated gift! I LOVE pedicures, but usually just don't get them unless I've gotten a gift card for one! My place of choice? Well, anywhere will do, but my favorite nail place just happens to be Eric's Nails! Ha! It is literally within walking distance from our house, and I love the nail techs there!
Spa products from BeautiControl are always a nice treat as well! I also asked for massage gift certificate(s) from LTS massage at Christmas in the Valley. I wonder what it says about me that MOST of the items on my list involve pampering myself one way or another? Hmm...

This one, I'm very much hoping to get as well! It's a wallet/cell phone holder/wristlet. You could take it by itself, attach it to the diaper bag, or throw it in your purse (on the rare occasion that I can actually take a purse somewhere... what with one and sometimes two diaper bags that we tote around...)
I like this:

But in this fabric:
Feel free to go here to find out where to get these. Remember, though, I like the Wallflower in Sky fabric on this wallet.
I think she'd simply love this Baby Alive doll from Target that eats and giggles!

I have been looking for a good letter learning toy, and I think she'd really get into this cute little turtle, also from Target!

And, I was looking to get her some simple refrigerator magnets, when my friend, Karlye, told me about this! It's magnetic, and you match the animals, and it plays songs, animal noises, etc. She would LOVE this!


Well, the poor guy doesn't need much, but I always wanted to get one of these for Allie, but never did. I think it'd be a huge help! It goes in the crib (or wherever) and plays music, lights, etc. to help them fall asleep! In my book, anything that aids a baby in going to sleep is a very wonderful present!

So, there you have it, lots of ideas (even though you didn't actually ask for them), but you've got them now, just the same! I can't wait for the holiday season to officially begin in just a few short weeks!

And, on that note, I think I hear a baby crying, so I better go see which one it is! =)


  1. I agree with you Rachel. I like to get my Christmas shopping done, but theres just something about fighting the crowds...even the traffic, with WRVR serenading us.... I always leave a few things to the last minute for this purpose alone. Call us crazy, but thats Christmas shopping...not buying everyones gifts in August!

  2. i totally agree. i like to be in the hustle and bustle of crowds at christmas! i am with candace, i like to do most of it before hand and save a little bit to do during the craziness just to be a part of it!

  3. Breyten has that exact crib toy. He loves it. It has functions where you can turn the light off and just play music... which is nice for him to fall asleep too, since with the light, he will just stare at it.

  4. Allie will LOVE the barn and animal magnets. Savannah got it for Christmas last year and it is still a big hit. I will be cooking and she will hit the music button and totally go into a ho-down in the middle of the kitchen. Good pick!