Back into the swing of things...

Well, we made it through Christmas in the Valley, and it was a HUGE success! Eric even survived a day of taking care of both kiddos, which, as you well know from my previous post, is no easy task!

Since my last post so vividly described with words the craziness of our day to day lives, I thought it'd be appropriate to show pics of our daily lives, which capture the cuteness more so than the craziness!

Whenever Pierce is within reach, Allie is not far away! Thus, the days of leaving the baby unattended on the floor are out the door. While she wouldn't intentionally hurt him, she's all about kisses and hugs (which often involve trying to crawl on top of him!) She is one very sweet big sissy!

We've also been doing a lot of going to the park, the zoo, Big Back Yard, etc. Pierce does really well sleeping the day away in our wonderful, double-stroller monstrosity, leaving plenty of time for Allie to play her little heart out! (can you tell I've got a love-hate relationship with this thing - afterall, although it makes it nearly impossible to shop at some places, gets me lots of stares, and sometimes hardly makes it through doorways, leaving the house would be virtually impossible without it! don't get me wrong, as far as doubles go, this one is top of the line... I just never envisioned myself as the double-stroller type!)

I am thankful that he is still in the sleeping-most-of-the-day-stage, but I'm also thankful for the times of alertness, when I can see this cute little face!

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