Big Sis

Sweet Allie has been so good these past 2 weeks! She is so easy going and content. We had a few rough days last week when she was teething and not her pleasant self, but after we got through that, things have gone great!

I'm still not able to pick her up, so we've had lots of help, and we'll see how things go next week once we begin "real life" with both kids! Allie has enjoyed looking at Pierce and pointing out his hands, nose, mouth, and eyes (gotta be careful there, she tends to unknowingly just about poke your eyes out...) Other than that, she has just gone about her life as normal and hardly notices he's here.

We had Pierce's newborn pics taken yesterday, and we were able to get a few shots with Allie before she couldn't evade naptime any longer. While we didn't get many smiles out of her, we at least got a pleasant face, and when taking pics of a 16 month old and an infant, I guess that's all you can really hope for! I really like that you can see their big sis/little bro outfits!

To see a few more pics, visit Audra K. Photography's facebook fan page. Audra will be coming to Christmas in the Valley and will be offering a drawing for a FREE session!! She's also going to offer a GREAT special for anyone who books a session that day. She was SO nice and fun to work with (and very affordable)! Be sure to "like" her page. Stay tuned for more "C in the V" info! You will start seeing lots of information on it beginning next week! I'm so excited about this year's vendors that I CAN'T WAIT for it to get here!

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