Pierce's First Few Days

Sorry it's taken me a few days to update! Everything went just as smoothly as it could've! I'd say the worst two things of the whole day were the iv and the itchiness from the spinal. All in all, I figure, if that's as bad as it gets, then I came out pretty good!

The past few days have been busy, but good! Right now, I've pretty much had people with me nonstop, because, without being able to pick up Allie, I think it's too much to handle being alone with her and Pierce. We'll see how it goes in another week when I've got both of them by myself!

Pierce has been just as easy as Allie was! He basically sleeps all of the time, which is very nice! He's even done great at night! I'm definitely enjoying this phase while it lasts! Allie hasn't been too interested in him. Other than a few kisses and holding his hand for a few seconds at a time, she has basically carried on life as usual, ignoring his presence most of the time! She hasn't seemed jealous in the least bit, which is nice!

Here are some pics from the hospital. You'll just have to excuse my swollen, puffy, makeup-less face! We're having newborn pics taken on Monday, so hopefully I'll be able to post those sometime soon!

There's one proud daddy!
Our first (and so far, only) family photo!
Mom, Dad, and Pierce!
Smokey and Aunt Breezy
Angie and Marianna (Adrienne was too wiggly to make it in the group shot!)
Jannie and Mimi
Isn't he a cutie??


  1. Love it! He is adorable! Looking forward to meeting him soon!

  2. Glad to hear everything is going well! Have fun at the newborn photo session on Monday!!!

  3. goodness, in that last pic he looks just like eric!

  4. He's precious Rachel! I think he looks like Allie.

  5. Oh Rachel and Eric, What a beautiful family!!! I look forward to seeing more pics. I can't wait to see you and Eric and hold and play with Allie and hold little Pierce ! :)