Thanks, but No Thanks

Eric and I decided to go on a date night before Pierce makes his entrance into our world. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to head over to the Delta Fair to eat, walk around, watch the shows, and enjoy the crazy sights. I've always enjoyed going to the fair, and I'll admit, even though the Delta Fair isn't as big as the old Midsouth, it is MUCH nicer!

Eric's favorite part by far is always the food. He loves the BBQ, the turkey legs, and all the Sweet Tea! I'm usually torn between the trusty Chicken on a Stick and a Pronto Pup. Last night, I opted for the Pronto and some freshly squeezed lemonade and was not disappointed.

Then, as we were walking, one of the vendors called out to us and asked us to come over. Let me just warn you here: when someone does that at the fair, you should probably just keep on walking. The lady actually was trying to be very nice, and said that in my obviously pregnant state, she figured that maybe I would be the type of person who liked pickles. Now, she was speaking my language, because it just so happens that I LOVE pickles. Dill pickles, sweet pickles, and especially FRIED pickles! So, I started to get a little excited that maybe she was going to offer me a fair favorite - a big, juicy fried dill pickle. Much to my disappointment, I was offered something totally different:

The Pickle Sickle.
You know those Pop Ice popsicles that are fruit flavored? Well, this was that same idea, but it was frozen pickle juice! In case you are a pickle love and think you may should try this new fair delicasy, let me just help you out and say that this was not a good idea! Pickles, yes. Popsicles, yes. Mix the two ideas together, NO!
It was gross. But I waited a nice long way to throw it away, so the poor lady wouldn't see me. Luckily, I had my delicious lemonade to help rid my mouth of that taste!

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