Sun, Sand, and Oil-free Waters

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess this post is worth a bunch! Sorry for the week long absence, but let me say, we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves! Between the beach, the pool, the fellowship, the games, the movies, the putt putt, the restaurants every night, and enjoying each minute of Allie's first vacation, we had a blast! Here are a few pics from our week!

This pool turned out to be a huge hit with allie on the beach! It was shaded, cool, and she had all her favorite toys. What else could a girl ask for?
And in case any of you were wondering what our hooded towels looked like in use! =)

She was loving the sand and loving the taste of the seashells!

We had wristbands for our condo that turned out to be allie's favorite toy of the trip. You will notice that it shows up in nearly every picture. It also entertained her most of the 7 hour car drive home today!
And of course, what is vacation without a little pool time? The condo had an AMAZINGLY large and luxurious beach side pool that we loved.

View from our balcony! Don't you wish you could wake up to this every day?

Too cute...

Love this one!

And, since our condo was across the street from the beach, we got an AMAZING deal! It did however have an airconditioned walk
that went over the street to the beachside pool!
Mini-van full on the way home! This is also the only group picture we got!
I was sad to leave, but I am happy to be home! All in all, it was a great trip!


  1. GREAT pics. So glad you had a great week and a safe trip home. Allie is ADOREABLE!!! mimi

  2. loved the pictures!! I'm glad you all had a great trip!!! :)