Good Laughs and Maybe a Tear or Two

For Father's Day, we went to see the much anticipated return of the Toy Story saga. I believe Eric has been talking about how excited he was about this movie coming out for about the last 2 years, so it seemed a fitting dad's day activity!

Very few films can live up to the anticipation and hype that this one has drummed up in our family, but I feel that this one did just that. Not only did it have a riveting story line that can be appreciated by all ages, hilarious scenes that were enough to make you laugh out loud, it also had a very unexpectedly touching and somewhat emotional ending.

So much so in fact, that as I sat there in the theater biting my lip, trying desperately to control the tears pouring down my face, I began to seriously wonder if there was something wrong with me. While I really would not deem myself overly emotional in normal times or in pregnancy, I always tend to wonder if the crazy bodily phenomenon of pregnancy is to blame for such unexpected emotional outbursts. I was very relieved to find after the movie that the other women in my family also shed tears of their own at the end of the flick. So to answer my question, no, I don't guess there was anything wrong with me, at least not anything that doesn't also affect the other females of the fam. =)

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

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  1. I LOVED it! So wonderful! And it was tearful in some parts - so it's not even limited to members of your family :) My only issue was that Bo Peep was gone - what happened to her? It doesn't seem fair that Woody didn't get to have resolution with his Love. But a great movie!