Blogging smartphone style

Well saturday i did it. I took the plunge into a whole new world of cell phones, and let me just say that once you make this switch, there is no going back. I am absolutely loving it.

So what is it i love most about my new phone you might ask? Perhaps it is the email, facebook, and blogging at my fingertips. Or maybe it is the voice typing i'm doing now. Or could it be the thousands of free apps? or maybe the camera and video camera that i can use to share photos and videos with all of you? yes i love all of the things about my new phone, but i believe the thing i love most is that i got all of this and more for a few dollars less than i was paying for talk and text only.

How did I manage that? I decided not to iphone it, but instead took cellular south up on their offer to pay my early term fee to att.  I am completely loving my htc hero! So for those of you who are like I was and feel you are paying too much for too little, you too should check them out! You will love it!


  1. hey, thats what we did a couple of weeks ago! i may need a tutorial on how to fully use my phone tho!

  2. Ha! Well I've spent an embarrassing amount of time figuring mine out the past few days, so I can def help you!