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Welcome to my very first Mystery Post Monday! The idea behind this is to give a fun topic for me to write about each week! I also want to invite you to write about Monday's topic on your blog (feel free to copy and use my MPM banner!). Whether you're lacking inspiration, like the week's topic, or whatever your reason may be, I invite you to join. Don't have a blog or don't want to do a whole post on the topic? Feel free to leave your own "mini post" on the weekly topic in the comments section here!

Today's topic, chosen by random.org is:

Best & Worst Recipes You've Tried

Well, I got to thinking about this. Best and Worst. Hmm... I mean, I can't really think of many recipes I've tried that I've just hated. Whenever I do try new recipes, I generally get them online and make sure they've got good reviews, before I attempt them. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm no Paula Dean or Julie Stiles or Pioneer Woman, or whoever you consider the current cooking expert to be. I guess I'm just not a very picky eater. There are lots of BEST recipes I could think of.... but unfortunately most of them are baked goods. Chocolate is my weakness... what can I say?

So, to find a solution for my problem, I decided to seek help from the hubs. As you can imagine, he was very cautious before answering my question of "Honey, what do you think is the worst recipe I've made...". He's a smart man. But after assuring him that my feelings would not be hurt, and I indeed did need an answer for my post, he (after not thinking long or hard at all) decided that my chicken pot pie recipe was definitely the WORST one ever. This is a little ironic, because my chicken pot pie actually goes down in my book as one of the best! There are few things that I just love eating as leftovers, but this one just seems to get better and better each day!! Unfortunately, in our household of two very non-picky eaters, I was aware that this wasn't one of E's favorites, so it is definitely not a staple in the Kendall household. So, I'll leave it up to you to decide. Here's the SUPER easy recipe. Try it, then come back and tell me is it a best, worst, or just somewhere in the middle?


1 can chicken (next to tuna) I should note, this is the ONLY recipe I'll use canned chicken in. It actually is good.

2 cans mixed vegetables (I usually use frozen)

1 can cream of chicken soup (or cream of celery, mushroom, whatever you have on hand)

3 dashes sage

salt and pepper to taste

2 deep dish frozen pie crusts

- Drain chicken and vegetables. In a large bowl, mix the first five ingredients.
- Place mixture into pie crust and top with second.
- Crimp edges together. Make 2 or 3 slits in top crust and bake according to pie shell directions.

Is that easy or what?! Hmm... maybe that's why it made it to one of my favs... haha!

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  1. I haven't tried your recipe for chicken pot pie, but Alan and I have never been really big fans of pot pies until I tried this family recipe. I like this one because it has a fluffier crust that a crusty crust... if that makes sense!

    Cook and Shred 3 chicken breasts
    Mix 2 cans of cream of chicken, 1 can cream of celery, i can veg-all (or frozen mixed veggies), and the chicken.

    Pour in greased 10x13 pan

    Mix in bowl for topping (crust):
    1 cup mayo, 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour
    Then pour on top of the goop in the pan.

    Bake in the oven for 40-45 min on 350 degrees.

    This makes a lot, so I usually half it. Measurements for this definitely don't have to be precise... as long as there is chicken, veggies, goop, and topping you're good! Hope you like it if you try it!