MPM: Decisions, Decisions

We make decisions daily. Some good, some not so good. For instance, my decision to blog right now, when I actually am quite sure I could be doing something slightly more productive. I make quite a lot of these type of decisions... doing something fun over something useful! Don't worry, though, I also make decisions to do productive things! In fact, due to my Secrets of Homemaking class that started its new semester last week, I have been very productive this past week, as I was challenged to clean out my hidden spaces and organize those closets and other places that are unseen by guests. I'm good about keeping the parts of the house that you see clean and spotless.... not so much in the closets and under the beds, though...

Any way, back to the topic at hand. What is a great decision I've made this month? Easy! A few weeks ago, we put down a deposit on a trip to Gulf Shores. We're going in May with our good friends (and neighbors...) Abby & Joseph!! We found a condo for DIRT cheap, and are all anxiously awaiting our relaxing time on the beach! I am so excited for Allie to see the ocean for the first time and am anticipating her to follow after her mother's footsteps and fall in love with it! It's been far too long since my toes have been immersed in the clean, white sand that only belongs to the Gulf of Mexico! The decision was a very timely one, because now we're locked in and are unable to cancel due to... hmm... things like needing to cut back and save money for a new baby, so yes, I'd say it was a GREAT decision! We may not have made it, if we knew then what we know now, but do I have any regrets? Definitely not!! Doing Disney next month while preg may be a slightly different story.... but so far I'm feeling good, and we'll make the best out of it!


  1. If it helps any, I did Disney when I was 7 months pregnant... it's do-able! Exhausting, but we had a blast. xxx

  2. That is encouraging! I've heard from other people who went preg that there was still a lot they were able to do! As long as I'm not puking, I think it'll be great! =)