MPM: Favorites

Hmm... it's hard to pick just one. I mean, sure my black boots are a staple all winter long; then there is my new favorite pair of jeans I got for Christmas that have already gotten quite a bit of wear; and, of course, my sparkly, polka dot florida tshirt might just make the list, too. It really is hard to pick just one. But, after giving it a lot of long and hard thought (not really...), I think my favorite staple for the fall and winter this year has been....
I wish I had one in every color! As it is, I do have green, purple, and pink. I think I like them so much, because they give a little added flair to an otherwise boring outfit. They can dress up or down, which is nice, too! So, there you have it! What would you say is your favorite piece of clothing?


  1. I have been all about the scarves this season. In fact that might just be the funnest part of my morning - deciding which scarf to throw on over my outfit.

  2. I have been loving my new jeans from JCP!! They are the brand Common Genes! They fit great and are just the right length in the petite section!!!

  3. Karlye - my new fav pair of jeans are the Common Genes brand from the petite section, too! =)