Just so you know...

You should all stop by Starbucks Oct. 2-5 to do their taste test challenge to see if you can tell the difference between their new "instant" coffee and their Pike Place blend. You get a coupon for a free tall coffee for participating! Maybe I'll go each day... just kidding (probably)

This week (thru Oct. 3) Walgreens is offering a few photo deals. Buy 75 pictures for only $9.99 using the coupon code: 75SAVINGS or get 33% off any photo book, using the code: FALL33. Is 33% off not good enough for you? How about getting one for FREE? Click here to become a facebook fan of Walgreens by Oct. 2 and receive a FREE 5X7 photo book! (note: you do have to pay $1.99 shipping)

HINT: Walgreens offers great new photo deals every week! Be sure to check each Monday for their newest deal! It has become my fav place to print out pics.

Last, but not least, my sis has written a book about her precious baby, Poppy Joy, whose short life only lasted a few hours, but has left an incredible impact on so many. You can go here to read about it and purchase your copy! Angie will also be selling them at Christmas in the Valley! =)

Have you heard of any good deal or interesting tidbit that you think I should know about?


  1. no, but I need your help. We need a chair for my sitting area that's in my bedroom. I'd like something similar to an over stuffed chair (but not that big... just that style) w/ a matching ottoman. (preferably a gold color) We've budgeted about $200. Can you keep your bargain eyes and ears open for me?

  2. I will work on this, candace! Is your bedroom contemporary or traditional?