Photo Friday

What have we been up to lately? Well, last weekend, we took a little trip to Chickasaw State Park with Jannie, Smokey, Andrew, & Breezy. We all stayed in one cabin, and I was a bit nervous to see how little precious would do at night time. She is usually the perfect baby at night, but I was a little anxious to see if her sleeping schedule would be disrupted by sleeping in the same room with us. Since the walls were paper thin, and we had 7 people staying in a 2 bedroom cabin, it just seemed that this could easily be the one time that she would decide to scream at night. The first night, she woke up a couple of times, but went right back to sleep when I gave her pacy to her. The second night, she didn't wake up at all! I would definitely say her first "vacation" (not quite sure you could call it that...) was a success! We had a great time, and it was a nice little getaway. It was also the kickoff weekend for college football. Both hubby and I were happy with our teams. I do, however, look forward to playing a team that I've at least heard of before. I mean, Southern Charleston, really??

Other than that, we've just been having fun playing with our girl.
Look how big she's getting in her beanbag!
This is pretty much the scene everyday as soon as hubby gets home from work.

She's usually the happiest when we lay her on the ground and play with her. This is the first thing Eric does when he gets home every day!


  1. She is such a good mix of you too. I see you both in her!

  2. she is such a cutie!! love the pictures!! I need to see her soon.. its been too long!