T.V. Junkie

Allie likes the tv. Alot! She really likes laying on the floor just to look around, and she recently discovered the tv. It's up high in the living room, so she really can't see much from the floor. Sometimes I'll leave her there while I shower, and I come back in the room to find her laughing and smiling away at the news!

Today I decided to see if she'd be up for a little Baby Einstein on the tv in the "playroom" that's a little more on her level. She was captivated! Me, not so much. Have you ever watched a Baby Einstein dvd? This was my first experience, and I think they're just plain weird! Of course, I did find out after reading the box that my garage sale selection was the multilingual experience dvd, meaning that they just jabber on in different languages the entire 167 minutes (no we did not watch it this long... we lasted for about 20 min). Maybe they're not all this weird?

At any rate, I guess they know what they're doing, because my little lady sure was entertained.

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  1. This is SOOOO funny! I love it. MiMi