where are you, Christmas?

Okay... I have officially gone Christmas crazy! I'm ready for it.. I've been making my lists, I've been thinking of gifts to buy (although I don't officially take that plunge until closer to thanksgiving!)

Someone said at church Sunday raise your hand if this is your favorite time of year... I nearly did... not because I'm especially affectionate about fall..(I in fact have a total of 2 fall decorations that I own that I have yet to put out).. but I do love fall simply because it is my "means to an end"... that is, it brings me Christmastime! So, yes costumes are fun (especially this year.. my mini repunzel and flynn rider will especially be adorable), thanksgiving is tasty.. but nothing can compare to the day after! Yes... Black Friday for me is when Christmas officially begins!

Yes, I intentionally wait until the craziest time of year to start shopping.. because who would want to miss out on that kind of fun?! You see Black Friday means getting up at 4 to begin the shopping (which basically lasts for a whole month!), pulling out the Christmas decorations, and wrapping my house in pure enchantment and cheer for the whole month!

So, thank you Fall, for coming, because to me, that means Christmas is almost ready to pop it's lovely head into my life again!

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