What's Up?

Well, other than loving on these sweet kiddos and doing fun things with them... A LOT!

Let's just say that between managing a total of 4 blogs (yes... now you see why this one has been a bit neglected...), planning Christmas in the Valley, planning mom's 50th birthday party (no...it's not a surprise), sewing halloween costumes and other holiday outfits, teaching aerobics (which has become just about a once a week thing), to running my own Premier business... it's safe to say that nap times have been VERY full! =)

The good news is that none of these things can really be done while the kids are awake(except aerobics.. but luckily they LOVE the childcare!) .. so don't worry...they're definitely not getting neglected..

The bad news: showers have some days become negotiable (is it sad that this has been all too common occurence since Pierce's birth?)

All in all.. a lot is "up".. but life is good! I'm actually at this point in time not too stressed at all! (now ask me again on Nov 18.. the day before C in the V and we'll see where I am..) I know my limits, and I try to not overexceed them. That doesn't always happen.. but for the most part, that is my goal! Life with a 1 and 2 yr old is full and blessed and sometimes means losing my mind a bit (i.e. today I was totally a no show for allie's eye dr appointment, because I was happily teaching zumba without a thought in the world). But, when things like that happen... you call, you apologize, you promise to try not to let it happen again... what else can you do?

You find that the once organized, cleaned housed, well-planned, having it all together person that you once were is maybe not the person you should be. Because after all... the carefree, roll with it, sometimes unshowered mom is the much more pleasant one for my kiddos to be around =)

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