I ran across a new term the other day... "vlogging". It means: video blogging. That's right... apparently it's the new thing to sit in front of your video camera and chat it up.. just like a blog post, except you're essentially just sitting there talking to yourself. Seems a bit weird to me. And, who knows, maybe some people could pull it off and not come across totally awkward, but I think that would probably be the rare exception. So, don't worry, I will not be giving vlogging a try, because I can say with strong confidence that I would look and sound very awkward and be completely unable to find any interesting to say in such a situation.

Yesterday, however, in my car the thought came to my mind to vlog. There I was riding happily along, listening to K-Love, hearing Allie in the back intermittently singing "Jesus Loves Me" and her own rendition of "Rella, Rella, Rella" (since, you know, she's on a nickname basis with Cinderella) at the top of her lungs, while Pierce, who is normally a happy camper in the car decided that yesterday he simply was not and screamed as loud as he could for a solid 20 minutes. I kept thinking, surely he will scream himself out. He didn't. So, yes, the thought crossed my mind, that if I wouldn't be a danger to everyone else on the road by pulling out my phone to capture this scene on video, that maybe it would be an interesting vlog titled: a day in our completely insane life.

It wasn't until I had 2 that I became one of those moms who is able to somehow tune the craziness out (at least sometimes). I had to laugh and think, if anyone else was in the car with us right now, they'd probably be about ready to go insane.

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