Today was one of those dreaded days when you are that mom. Picture yourself going for a peaceful shopping trip to Target, happily going about your business, looking at the wonderful summer clothes out and daydreaming about the hopefully soon-coming weather where you can wear them, when all of the sudden both kids decide at precisely the same moment that they want to go home - NOW.

Yes, if you were at Target today and heard two kids having an all out screaming at the top of their lungs meltdown and wondering from across the store, who is that woman that cannot keep her kids under control... it was me. And, when I say meltdown, I mean MELTDOWN... one that, for Allie, not even uncensored access to Cinderella lipgloss could fix (which, trust me, if you knew her, you would know that this is saying ALOT!)

I knew there was only one thing to do... RUN. No trying on clothes, no browsing, no stopping to go to the bathroom (which I DESPERATELY needed to do..) I barely had time to go through the checkout and pay for the lipgloss that we had already opened! (but, I figured we shouldn't repeat the hobby lobby shoplifting incident... which by the way, I have since resolved) You see, people already stare at me when we go out.... they see Allie in the front, then see an infant in the back in his carseat, and just simply think I am insane. And, that's when they're both being good. So, I decided I had better get out of there fast before people started just being downright nasty. The minute both kids were successfully loaded in the car, the crying subsided. Hmmm..

Upon getting in the car, I was flustered to say the least. But I was promptly reminded that if these sort of things are the worst "trials" that I am currently experiencing, then I am certainly blessed. Was reading this precious little girl's story this morning and with tears in my eyes was overwhelmed with gratitude for hectic days such as this one with my two precious healthy kids.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you about our healthy children. And I'm also certain that whenever I make a Target run with the kids, everybody knows Parker's name by the time we leave the store!