An Interesting Development...

Well, I know I told you about joining my wonderful gym back in January...

There's a new development to that situation. In two short weeks from Saturday, I'll be certified to TEACH Turbo Kick!

Yes, you can laugh. It won't hurt my feelings one bit. I'm laughing a bit too each time I think about it... laughing... then really really hoping I don't look like TOO much of an idiot (because, let's face it, I'm sure that it's inevitable that I'll look like an idiot at least a little bit).

It all started back when one of the instructors from the gym talked about how they go on "teaching vacations" for FREE to all inclusive resorts.. Naturally, my ears perked up at the idea of a free vacation. But, I quickly closed my mind to the idea, because after all, ME becoming an aerobics instructor!? Well, I then found out you only have to go to a one day 8 hour workshop to do this... hmm... and THEN, I found out that such a workshop was coming to OUR gym on April 9. It was tempting, but I had decided against doing it JUST for the sake of the free trip.

Then, someone from church suggested that I do it and help start an aerobics program at Faith. I realized that this would be a terrific ministry, because it has been such a WONDERFUL encouragement to me to have a Christian environment with women only where we can fellowship, workout, and pray for each other!

Well, I decided to look into it a bit more, and here we are. Starting in June, I'll be teaching Turbo Kick at Faith on Saturday mornings. There will also be a Pilates class offered on Tuesday mornings.

So, back to the part of that story where I said all you have to do is complete a one day, 8 hour workshop.... hmmm... I think that will be MUCH easier said than done. Here's to hoping my poor body will be able to handle 8 hours of Turbo Kick.

I'm gonna try to really kick it up a notch between now and then to hopefully be in as good of shape as possible!


  1. how fun! I'm so in! Well... the saturdays that we're in town!