Vendor Spotlight 12

Today’s vendor is Scentsy! If you have never heard of Scentsy before, you are missing out! Last year was the first time I was introduced to Scentsy, and boy has it transformed our home! So, what is Scentsy, you ask? Well, they are flameless, scented “candle” burners! How do they work? You purchase wax scent bars, then place them on top of a plug in burner that melts the wax, allowing the fragrance to fill your home!

Before Scentsy, we were always purchasing candles. Our favorite was Yankee Candles, and at $30/candle, it added up quite fast! They smelled good, but only scented the room that you had them burning in. While Yankees lasted longer than the average candle, they still did not have a very long lifespan.

We bought our first Scentsy burner at Christmas in the Valley last year and NOT been disappointed! The burner cost approximately the same as a Yankee, but lasts forever. All you have to do is buy new scents, which are only $5 each! They easily last for 2 months or more! Over time, this comes out SO much cheaper than any candle you can find!

Not only is it affordable, wonderful fragrant, and fashionable, but it is also easier and safer than traditional candles! All you do is plug it in! No matches, no remembering to blow it out, no messy wax residue melting down the side of the candle – just plug it in and leave it all day and night, if you like!

These are terrific for gifts or for yourself! If you’re a lover of candles, you will absolutely LOVE this product! There is rarely a time when someone come to our house and doesn’t immediately say, “What is that wonderful smell!?” I happily tell them about this great product!

Purchase the "warmer of the month" at Christmas in the Valley for 10% off! Also, spend $100 or more and get a FREE scent block! If you book a Scentsy party before December 31, get your name in a drawing to win a FREE "plugin" (in addition to all the great products you could win based on the sales of your party!) So, come, check them out, smell their scents, and take advantage of these great deals!

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