So, just wondering what an appropriate response would be when someone says:

"Wow, that baby sure has grown a lot!"


"Wow, you've gotten A LOT bigger since last time I saw you!"

Should I reply:

"Wow, thanks"


"Wow, you're really observant"


"Wow, thank you for pointing that out, because I really hadn't noticed how HUGE I am. I'm glad I know now."


  1. It means that you've created such a great home for allie that she is growing rapidly ready to charge into this world... :)

  2. oh my. well, you do have a nice stare down face, so i guess that might be appropriate =). but if you are wanting to be nice, i'd just stick with, "well, not much longer!"

  3. well, first off, where in the heck have i been? had no clue you had a blog..and such a fun with at that!
    secondly, what if i told you that six months, yes SIX months, after i had had savannah, i had two people come up to me at a wedding and infer quite literally that i was preggo again. one even said: when is #2 due? !!!!
    now, that's a "wow. how in the world do i respond" moment.
    just to help myself feel better~i was actually pregnant with #2 but only a/b 2 weeks so i didn't even know yet nor should have i been showing.
    ahh...the thrills of pregnancy and all that follows = ). they're totally worth it though, those precious little ones!

  4. Laurin, you're not out of the loop at all! The blog has only been up for about a week!