Have you heard about Skirkle yet? No big surprise if you haven't... It is BRAND NEW!

Basically, it's a little magic card that will save you tons! It is on the ground floor and for now is in Memphis only, so if you're in the area... you're in luck!!

I like it because it's sort of a combination between the entertainment book and groupon, but in card form. You pay $25 for the skirkle card to be able to use all year long, and it will land you discounts on your favorite local places. Think restaurants, boutiques, local businesses, car shops, etc. The sky is the limit! Check out www.skirkle.com to see the 100+ businesses who are already a part of the skirkle community! Don't see your favorite? Let me know, and I'll pass on the word to Skirkle to try to get that business on board!

And, don't worry, because new businesses are being added daily, so just because you don't see it yet, doesn't mean it's not there. A few of my favorites? Qdoba, Huey's, Abners, Moe's, MAH Creations, Babytime, the Grapevine Tea Room, Wisteria Tea Room, Swanky's, and Smoothie King. The best part? Unless it states otherwise on Skirkle's site, you can still use your coupon book, PLUS your skirkle discount! Go check it out and see what discounts you can use EVERY SINGLE DAY between now and November 2012!

AND, like Groupon, there will be extra daily or weekly deals from time to time that companies will send out to skirkle card holders!! So, really, go check it out! This is a GREAT new way to save... and if you decide that Skirkle is for you, be sure to tell them I referred you when you buy your card (I get credit for it! =))

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