The Monster...

I think I have slightly created a disney monster in our house the last couple of days. Let me explain. She got this minnie suitcase for Christmas in preparation for our upcoming trip to Disney World! Well, she truly does LOVE all things Disney, but being only 2 doesn't have any idea what Disney World is. Wait. Let me back up. Up until about 6 days ago didn't have any idea what Disney World was....

So, naturally once we booked our trip, I decided, well it's only a month out, I should start telling her what it is, so she'll get excited. Thus, the monster was born.

She is a big fan of You Tube videos (under STRICT supervision, I assure you..) You know, itsy bitsy spider, Jesus Loves Me, Wheels on the Bus, Repunzel songs, that sort of thing. So, I thought, well I'll just pull up a Disney World video to show her what it is and tell her we're going soon.

Gone are the days of watching songs on the iPad. Her "recently watched list" now is filled with Disney World, an overview; riding the tea cups; small world; meeting the characters; and on and on. You get the drift. Before bed each night, it's I want to cuddle... and watch the ipad.
So, I started to realize there was a problem when we woke up for church Sunday and I said alright, Allie, let's go to Crossroads Church (her normal response being YAY!) This time, it was however replaced with... No, it's time to go to Disney World! In fact, every outing since then has had a similar response (wake up in the morning... "alright time to go to Disney World!", or from naptime, "let's go... time for Disney World" or do you want to go to the mall, Jannie's, Mimi's, etc.... "Um... no, let's go to Disney!".

I thought up (what I thought was) a great solution. Let's mark each morning with a sticker. I showed her the day on the calendar we're leaving and said, ok we'll put one on each morning, and when we get to this day, we're going on the big airplane to disney world!

I came to find the chair moved up to the calendar this morning with a calendar full of stickers... her response: "Alright, now it's time for DISNEY!!"

Oh yeah... and see that little airplane in her hands? She put it on the floor last night and squatted down on top of it and said, "Ok... let's get on the big airplane and go to Disney!!!"

Suffice it to say, she is VERY excited about the trip. Now let's hope the rest of us can get through the next 4 weeks with our little monster princess on hand!


  1. That is so precious!! I would def say she is a little excited!!

  2. Too funny! Are y'all going the same time as Julie & Jeff?

  3. No, we're going the first of Feb. I think they're leaving next week... I'm sure Allie would love to tag along with them, if it meant she could go sooner!