Wow! Am I missing the days of relaxing by the beach and the pool! Ever since I've gotten back things have been crazy!

Over the course of the next week, I'll be throwing a bridal shower, attending another one, going to a bridesmaid luncheon, attending my own baby shower, and throwing another baby shower! And, just in case that didn't seem like enough to pack into one week, I'll also be spending the day at Pickwick and working our little machine to death with a bunch of monogramming! Phew! Makes me worn out just thinking about it all! It sure will be a week packed full of fun though!

Somehow, I sure hope I can fit in time to do Pierce's nursery! Time seems to be flying by like crazy! I've only got 3 dr.'s appointments left before d-day! At least I've got it all envisioned in my head on how I want the room to look, but I'm thinking now's about the time to start putting those visions into reality. Maybe I should get through this next crazy week first, though!

In other news, I'm anxiously awaiting to hear whether Allie's new cousin will be a boy or a girl. I'll admit that I'm selfishly hoping for a boy, so Pierce won't feel so left out in a family FULL of girls. We'll see in the next few weeks...

Oh, and don't worry, in the midst of all the busy-ness, sweet Allie is getting plenty of attention. My nap times, however, are greatly being cut into! =)


  1. how do you just have 3 dr appts left? do you have a set d-day yet?

  2. I've got one in a month, then two weeks, then a week, and the next week is dday! Crazy, isn't it?! She's delivering on Sept 17. She wanted to go at least a week early, bc she doesn't want me to contract at all, since its sooner than they recommend having another one after a c sec. Ha! It's sooner than I recommend too!

  3. wow! that is crazy! so how many weeks will you be when you deliver?